MAAC is an agency of original architecture setting. Half French and Spanish but with an international vocation, it is based in Paris and Madrid. The Studio rallies three structures, GroupIAD, CMA, and the Architects CVZ, created by Alain Cottrell forty years ago.


This forming, and in a team of more than 60 people dedicated to design and execution of large-scale international projects.
We find in each of them this heritage wanted my MAAC of a rational architecture, but at the same time innovative

From Concept to Reality

We transform ideas into projects. Each one of them is a new challenge, a new context, with its difficulties and lessons.
All of these projects shape our idea of Architecture.

Wide Range of Scales

We worked on all scales, regardless of size. From the house to the airport, through sports centers, hotels, offices…

Borderless Vision

Our experience at national level (Spain and France) and at international level in more than three continents, allows us to develop a mixed and contextual vision.

Clients & Partners

Below is a brief list of some of our many clients and collaborators.