Carré Privé Sky West

Saint Quentin, Ivelines
18000 m2
Lead Architect

Located in the heart of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the first Carré Privé Ouest brand department store is  a new luxury partner. The growth of fashion and high-end stores around the world is now accompanied by new ways of selling. They respond to a double demand: to all of the customers - even those with a lower wealth - that always demand a more direct access to big brands; and luxury brands, concerned about leading their distribution towards these new clients without corrupting their perfectionist branding.

The «smart shopping» or shop clever trend, identified by all of the participants of consumption has become a real social phenomenon. As for brands, distribution methods are also evolving. Faced with the increase of collections throughtout the year, the difficulty of anticipating the inventory management and more commonly to less predictable cyclical demand, they must find new distribution channels. The Carré Privé West branded department store offers them an ideal distribution platform.

Through an appropiate environment and thanks to the expertise of two experienced groups in the promotion of shopping venues, Coddic and Hammerson, Carré Privé West are part of a consistent support of the development of luxury.

Offering a new form of breathing to its partners, this large brand store in the West of Paris will be the economic and innovative lungs that the entire luxury sector seems to need more and more every day.