Ecolounge Orishas

FAUNA Y FLORA Ministerio de Agricultura de Cuba
Lead Architect

This project, allowed us to approach hotel projects in a different way. Born from a political decision
of the State of Cuba and more specifically of the Ministry of Agriculture and the government
company « Flora y Fauna », we have been approached to provide a real alternative to Tourism in
Cuba. This project will be implemented in different places of Cuban geography in the 50 natural parks
listed. Orishas is a Vodou deity who will relate to the « guardian angels », these projects allow people
to discover the island differently and do not have an impact on the environment.
Completely dismountable projects and without race, autonomous and limited in surfaces. The
module could and should as we thought with FyF, be transported by boat or by land, but without
access or road. Another way of approaching the discovery of this huge country so rich in landscapes, with a different
mode of residence and closer to nature and its context.
This is not a luxury lodge, it is not a permanent campsite, it is something else...