Bailén Street 37 accommodation

The property located at Bailén 37 Street, dates from the year 1880. It is located within the Centro district, specifically in the Palacio neighborhood. The building is classified with Partial Protection Level 3, with its two interior staircases and the facade to Bailen Street, elements protected by Heritage.

The Rehabilitation Object focuses above all on the conservation and recovery of protected spaces and improvement of accessibility in the building, specifically in the common areas with the creation of two panoramic lifts in the courtyards of the body of the building.

The complete renovation of the 23 existing houses as well as the recovery to restore its initial appearance and the specific architectural interventions give this building a consolidated appearance in its environment with contemporary touches, between tradition and modernity.


  • General Rehabilitation of the Bailén 37


  • Elaia Investments Spain


  • 2445 m2


  • Madrid, Spain