Bordeaux International Airport

In this case, we were challenged with a set of buildings with very strong architectures, very disparate, and without functional, technical or symbolic dialogue between them, but with a strong personality. However, the connection between them could not be the accidental result of an accumulation of programmatic conditioning factors, so we thought it was the opportunity to create a functional and volumetric link that would generate fluidity between these two existing “personalities”.

To this end, we wanted to symbolize this union through a “roof-facade” that follows the initially opposing volumetries of Halls A and B, respecting them and allowing their reading. The volume of the roof covers the existing Halls, seeking a legible whole: it creates a rhythmic and dynamic link between the undulations of Paul Andreu’s Hall B and the flatter roofs of Hall A, as if were a wave.



  • New concept design of the connexion building between existing halls of the Bordeaux International Airport


  • ADBM


  • 15 000 m2


  • Bordeaux, France