Denis Sassou N’Guesso University

Located in a medium-sized city not far from the capital of the Republic of Congo, the University of Kintele has become the largest university complex on the African continent. We had to imagine and design a new part of a city destined to house more than 20,000 students and university staff. Due to the topography of the site, it was easy for us to contextualize the programmatic pieces of the program.

The university complex meets more environmental requirements than many certified buildings in Europe. The use of Canadian courtyards, double roofs, water bags with the recovery of rainwater, gravity work for sanitation and above all the orientation of the buildings to avoid having to manage direct radiation from the sun.

The project with a total of 21 buildings and a total of 180 000 m² has been a great achievement for the studio and has allowed us to reflect on our way of thinking about Architecture in general.


  • UDSN University Congo Brazzaville


  • Unicon Congo


  • 180 000 m²


  • Kintele, Republic of Congo