Eco- District in Boadilla del Monte Urbanización Valdecabañas

Mediterranean history, heritage and culture have been the real source of inspiration for this project.

It was decided to work on a grid to limit the south-facing facades and to distribute this complex in a coherent way. The side streets between the complexes narrower, shaded and open; allowing the buildings to breathe and ventilate.

In order to create sustainable spaces and reduce the impact on the land, we have added vegetation. On the south side of the buildings, we have placed deciduous trees to provide shade during the warmer months.

To the north, the green spaces will be mainly evergreen. In addition to this climate strategy, the water surfaces and the nature of the paving will contribute to greater efficiency.



  • Diseño de un eco-barrio en urbanización Valdecabañas




  • 90 000 m2


  • Boadilla del Monte, Madrid