La Marina de Ouidah

The Marina is located south of Ouidah in Djegbadji between the beach and the lagoon in the vicinity of the Gate of No Return (slavery memorial). It is connected to the historic city by the “route de l’Esclave” (the slave route). The project is part of an exceptional setting facing a wide range of sand and coconut trees between mangroves and the ocean.

It is also a place full of emotions and memories as it is the last stage of the slaves before their embarkation towards the Americas. This place was chosen for the construction of a tourist destination resort. To achieve this, a mixed program of facilities has been proposed that includes accommodation, restaurants, commercial, cultural and leisure areas, as well as commemorative and peaceful places.

The project is structured around 4 large, differentiated and well-defined areas:

Accommodation area, Hotels and services;
Area of ​​cultural, commercial, leisure and services activities;
Recollection area and commemorative walks, with gardens, monuments and memorials.
Multipurpose entertainment arena

In total, the intervention occupies a land area of ​​around 23 hectares with a constructed area of ​​around 38,000 m2. The operation has a total budget of about 185 million euros.

Studio MAAC is the lead architect of the project. Studio MAAC’s multidisciplinary team is in charge of the design of the project in the study phase and the general coordination of the studies, including all the necessary engineering and specialists.

The studies will be carried out in two phases following the French model in force in Benin:

– APS phase. Equivalent to a basic project

– APD/PRO phase. Equivalent to an execution project.

Studio MAAC is responsible for the entire conception studies, including architectural documentation, as well as engineering documents.


  • La Marina de Ouidah

La Marina de Ouidah

  • 38,000 m2 built
  • Land: 23 Hectares


  • Ouidah, Djegbadji
  • República de Benin