Alcobendas Pharmaceutical Group Headquarters (Madrid)

It is a building with industrial production areas and offices, intended for the headquarters of a pharmaceutical group

The building is located in Madrid, in an area undergoing transformation from an old industrial fabric to an area of ​​higher environmental quality that includes new commercial and administrative tertiary uses.

It is made up of two buildings that will form a unitary complex in which the functions of production, R&D&i research, quality control and administrative use coexist.

Inspired by the maximum constructive simplicity and functionality, avoiding the superfluous, leaving the “essence” just as they do with the natural plants with which they work, but at the same time taking maximum care of the quality in the execution, and the technology of the materials. ,

With exquisite care in observing the basic principles of sustainability, including, among others, the conservation of the natural permeability of the land or “SUDS”, the production of solar energy, the exterior shading of the envelope and cross ventilation. .


  • Buildings for production, I+D+i, laboratories and offices.

Alcobendas Pharmaceutical Group Headquarters (Madrid)

  • Private Client


  • 9.000 m²


  • Alcobendas, Madrid